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Business Consulting

The business world is ever-changing. With IMBC at your side, you have the advantage of professional business guidance, practical mentoring, as well as well-developed business and marketing strategies that will enable your business to rise above the daily challenges.

For executives, business owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs - from initiatives, projects, company mission and vision, internal business structure, business operation procedures, employer/employee role clarification and positioning to internal and external marketing strategies - Joel Klein, CPBC, is the force that propels each undertaking to great heights.

Business Strategy and Growth Development

Learn how to establish a proper business structure, strategy, development and growth plan to get your company to new and greater heights.

Business and Product Launch

Discover how your business and product sales will expand through utilizing our simple, highly-leveraged, high-impact, and extremely lucrative online and offline marketing strategies.

Leadership and Performance Development

A specialty designed program to assist executives, leaders and managers in developing people skills, effective communication, motivational skills to be able to undertake and successfully perform major strategic initiatives.

Marketing and Advertising Mentor Program

Join one-on-one mentoring program on public relations and marketing approaches, plan and strategy along with step-by-step guidance. Receive marketing material review and feedback.

Business Maintenance Program

Attend biweekly meetings to review business progress and focus on development and future goals.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture for businesses with 15+ employees. Joel Klein, CPBC, has already addressed employees in many businesses, raising the bar of employee performance for those businesses. Aditionally, Immediate Marketing & Business Consulting orchestrates events for employee performance and positioning for companies.

Employee-Employer / Partner Customer / Business Relationships

Learn how to navigate relationships, friendly and difficult, in order to build a credible alliance.

Keynote Speaker

Bring your corporate and business event to a new level. Your audience will be enthralled by the uniquely deep, compelling, motivational and inspiring lectures delivered in a highly professional and thought-provoking style by world-renowned business and marketing consultant Joel Klein, CPBC.

Sales Strategies

The sales coaching program will help you:

  • Understand the sales process
  • Change the way you think about sales
  • Talk about your field effortlessly
  • Create a style of selling you can feel good about
  • Identify qualifying prospects
  • Cultivate a referral network
  • Overcome fear of sales rejection
  • Ask questions that get prospects to "sell" themselves
  • Sharpen closing skills
  • Follow through effectively
  • Close deals without using pressure